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If a picture says a thousand words then our latest 360° Camera must say six thousand!

Using a specially modified 3D printed Frame and 6 individual cameras with an impressive 12 megapixel on each, Catsurveys brand new Mobile 360° System aptly named the ‘CAT360’ it allows for fast and extremely high definition imagery across all terrains, from roads, fields, internal uses and even aerial work attached to one of our UAVs!

It’s this versatile nature which makes it perfect for our clients.

The system also offers some of the latest technology in the form of ‘360° Video’ giving our clients the ability to pan around whilst fully immersed in a moving video.

Although 360° imagery has been in the company a few years, since the introduction of Topcon’s IPS2 in fact. We have always been held back by the IPS2’s size and bulkiness to produce imagery off road or within areas inaccessible for cars, which is why we had to find a solution sooner rather than later!

Along the way to finding this solution, our Innovations team created our very own Street View! (Catsurveys Custom Street View) Capable of both aerial and ground view simultaneously it’s the ultimate tool for planning and visualisations.

By combining both our new 360° Camera System and our Brand New Street View you have an unparalleled solution that is indispensible for each of our clients.

It has already received amazing feedback from all of our ongoing clients and more recently whilst exhibiting at a UKSTT exhibition where we showcased the system.

Click here to view an enlarged example of the imagery from our 360° system showcasing the adaptability of both the system and our new Custom Street View!

If you are interested in any of our new services above please do not hesitate to contact us on the contact details below:

Joe Baldan: jbaldan@catsurveys.com

Tamas Kosa: tkosa@catsurveys.com

UAV(CAT360 on the Altura ATX8 UAV!)
(CAT360 on foot! Footways or Fields it can be used whatever the terrain may be!)(CAT360 on foot! Footways or Fields it can be used whatever the terrain may be!)
(CAT360 goes mobile on top of our car capturing 360° imagery at normal road speeds!)

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