UKSTT Masterclass

Catsurveys Takes Part in Hosting UKSTT’s First Ever Masterclass!

On the 28th October 2015 UKSTT Council Member & Catsurveys Business Development Manager – Luke Steadman took part in hosting UKSTT’s first ever Mapping Masterclass, which was held at The National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham. This was an extremely informative event which attracted 25 attendees, and was co- hosted by UKSTT Council Member and Drilline Products MD – Colin Tickle.

The morning started with an arousing introduction and overview from UKSTT and TSA, which was followed with interactive presentations by some of the industry’s leading professionals; including Luke Steadman’s fully engaging talk on “Practitioner View & Deliverable”, which sparked lots of interest in the room. This one day masterclass was a big hit with everyone that attended, and provided priceless insights into Utility Mapping, along with fun and informative utility topic discussions.

Luke Steadman’s talk on Practitioner View & Deliverable

Luke Steadman’s talk on Practitioner View & Deliverable

Masterclass Highlights through-out the day included:

  • In depth explanation of PAS 128, the specification for underground utility detection verification and location.
  • Practical & theoretical processes.
  • Best practices and the latest specification & technologies available.
  • Technology and Survey Data.
  • Electromagnetic (EM) detection and location of utilities.
  • Utility STAT’s Drawings & Desktop Surveys.

UKSTT & TSA Introduction

UKSTT & TSA Introduction

The Masterclass Event included all refreshments along with a free tour of The National Motorcycle Museum, which is the largest British motorcycle museum in the world, holding over 1,000 restored machines.The National Motorcycle Museum

The National Motorcycle Museum

This day was a huge success and we would like to thank all our guest speakers for their informative sessions along with our attendees for their input and interaction.


Special thanks to Colin Tickle for co-hosting the day. We look forward to holding another event like this again very soon.

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