Catsurveys’ specialist telecoms surveyors have years of experience providing accurate survey data for both Openreach and Alt Net network development. From starting out providing proving surveys for new Openreach cabinet locations to the development of our unique Digital Network Survey methodology our telecommunications solutions have evolved and developed to support the market requirements.

The business specialises in providing highly accurate data that supports the optimisation of the design and build process for new telecoms infrastructure. Our data solutions provide value throughout the project lifecycle with our Digital Network Survey proven to be up to 70% more efficient than traditional survey methods. With an approach based on collaboration to develop fully bespoke data solutions that support our clients strategic plans, Catsurveys is disrupting the way data is collected and used to underpin the roll out of new infrastructure.

Data at your fingertips

Catsurveys’ digital network survey service is a fully scalable solution that can be deployed across large geographies.

With a flexible output that is a tailored to client requirements the data enables better decision making, greater cost assurance and more informed design.



The latest technology

Using the latest Mosaic 51 technology, we have the capability of capturing survey grade data. This is complemented with a range of ultra-high definition photographic and video data that provides additional detailed site information that can be used throughout the project lifecycle.

By utilising this technology, detailed and accurate data can be collected more efficiently with less time required on site. This new approach dramatically reduces carbon footprint compared to traditional surveying.

Typical DNS deliverables (not limited to):

  • Surface type and condition
  • Traffic management inc. TTROs and suspensions (bus stop, parking bay, etc.)
  • Special Engineering Difficulties
  • Asset identification (type, condition and other required asset-specific details)
  • New and/or existing property connection surveys
  • High and or low-level design verification survey
  • High definition photographs and videos



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