Building Information Modelling

Our BIM models can be used throughout the lifespan of a building project. It follows the facility's whole life from concept to demolition. BIM helps with responsible decision making - the intelligent and detailed model based structure helps to achieve a more effective, economical and environmentally conscious maintenance of projects.


How does BIM work?

One of the most basic functions of BIM is to automatically extract all model based quantities and generate a comprehensive and interactive model.

These details can be combined with time information (4D) and cost-related information (5D). A database created this way enables more precise material purchasing and the effective scheduling of the construction process, before the project begins. The physical and fictional details of each section blueprints (architectural, structural, engineering) can be combined to create a single 3D model. A model created this way will create a holistic view of the overall project.

For greater efficiency, BIM is usable from the early stages of the design process, which enables easy clash detection and issues to be picked up on during the early stages. This allows any necessary changes to be made and tested within the BIM before the real project is created or adjusted.