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Ep. 8 - What is on the digital horizon?

Ep. 7 - Catsurveys and Bimfra and digital data

Ep. 6 - Chartered ICES Approved Development Scheme

Ep. 5 - A review of 2020 and the year ahead

Ep. 4 - Discussing the National Underground Asset Register

Ep. 3 - Supporting the Catsurveys team throughout the pandemic

Ep. 2 - Discussing our response to COVID-19

Ep. 1 - Discussing the revision to the PAS 128 standard

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Time to Talk Day 2021

This year, Time to Talk Day is a bit different at Catsurveys. Usually we would have the team gathered together in our office discussing mental health and wellbeing over a cup of tea and some cake from our annual bake sale to raise funds for Mates in Mind. However as we all know, that isn’t possible at the moment. So this year, we are spreading awareness via our virtual channels with our team!


World Mental Health Day 2020

Shocking statistics show that suicide kills more people in the construction industry than falls from height.

Ensuring that health and safety procedures are followed on a construction site is usually the top priority – but there is only so much protection that PPE and knowledge can provide. Not to mention, that protection is only physical. What about ‘mental protection’? Surely, it is only right that mental health and safety is given the same level of importance and investment as other hazards on site.