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Ep. 12 - 1st Anniversary Episode

Ep. 11 - Health, Safety and Wellbeing at Catsurveys

Ep. 10 - Digital transformation in surveying

Ep. 9 - The power of high-quality data

Ep. 8 - What is on the digital horizon?

Ep. 7 - Catsurveys and Bimfra and digital data

Ep. 6 - Chartered ICES Approved Development Scheme

Ep. 5 - A review of 2020 and the year ahead

Ep. 4 - Discussing the National Underground Asset Register

Ep. 3 - Supporting the Catsurveys team throughout the pandemic

Ep. 2 - Discussing our response to COVID-19

Ep. 1 - Discussing the revision to the PAS 128 standard

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Digital Network Survey - With FM Conway

Working collaboratively with FM Conway, Catsurveys utilised cutting edge mobile mapping technology to gather critical asset information on the A249.

FM Conway is currently six years into a 10-year maintenance contract on the A249 in Kent for Sheppey Route Ltd that manages the road on behalf of National Highways. The contract covers a 41km network on the A249 between the M2 and Sheerness that is used by 30,000 drivers a day, and includes the iconic Sheppey Crossing.