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Ep. 12 - 1st Anniversary Episode

Ep. 11 - Health, Safety and Wellbeing at Catsurveys

Ep. 10 - Digital transformation in surveying

Ep. 9 - The power of high-quality data

Ep. 8 - What is on the digital horizon?

Ep. 7 - Catsurveys and Bimfra and digital data

Ep. 6 - Chartered ICES Approved Development Scheme

Ep. 5 - A review of 2020 and the year ahead

Ep. 4 - Discussing the National Underground Asset Register

Ep. 3 - Supporting the Catsurveys team throughout the pandemic

Ep. 2 - Discussing our response to COVID-19

Ep. 1 - Discussing the revision to the PAS 128 standard

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Digital Network Survey - With FM Conway

Working collaboratively with FM Conway, Catsurveys utilised cutting edge mobile mapping technology to gather critical asset information on the A249.

FM Conway is currently six years into a 10-year maintenance contract on the A249 in Kent for Sheppey Route Ltd that manages the road on behalf of National Highways. The contract covers a 41km network on the A249 between the M2 and Sheerness that is used by 30,000 drivers a day, and includes the iconic Sheppey Crossing.

Create The Future Of Global Utility Mapping - 5 years out.


Kontur invited Catsurveys to a roundtable discussion on "The future of Global Utility Mapping - 5 years out". Simon Jefferson (Head of communications at Catsurveys) was joined by Sam Wiffen (Reveal, New Zealand) and Michel Twohig (DGT Associates, USA) in discussions and predictions about technology, reporting, regulations and business models in the year 2027.