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Catsurveys Clients and Coffee mornings

Every year on 1st October the world comes together to celebrate coffee on International Coffee Day. On this international day we are highlighting our Client and Coffee mornings!

We are offering clients the opportunity to visit our offices and see first-hand how we produce your accurate survey data. We have already hosted a couple of Client and Coffee mornings that have been very successful, and we look forward to inviting more guests to our head office in Brentwood!

Our Client and Coffee mornings aim to open up further lines of communication to ensure you always receive the information you need, when you need it.

Are you interested?

Join us at the Catsurveys Head Office in Brentwood for an insight into our intelligent surveying solutions. Simply complete our ‘Contact Us’ form and a member of the Catsurveys team will be in touch!


More information about International Coffee Day

Coffee is among the world’s most-loved beverages and has become a staple in our everyday lives. Whilst International Coffee Day (ICD) is a time for celebration, leading up to and during ICD each year, we can also focus on how to continue to improve coffee’s future.

Unfortunately for the farmers who harvest our beloved coffee beans, the price of coffee has declined dramatically. Coffee prices are at their the lowest in 15 years which means that millions of coffee farmers struggle to make enough to live on or to support their families.

This year the International Coffee Organization (ICO) is working hard to highlight urgent need to take action and support coffee farmers. To show our support, Catsurveys have signed the #coffeepledge movement, and we urge you to do the same!

‘By signing this petition you’ll give consumers a voice and help us to influence those who can effect positive change for coffee farmers around the world: the international community, governments, development banks, the United Nations and the wider coffee industry. With your assistance we can help coffee farmers receive the livelihood they need and deserve through a living income, and ensure prosperity and happiness for all.‘ – International Coffee Organization

Show your commitment by signing the #coffeepledge in support of a living income for coffee farmers. Click here to support.

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