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EA Technology Training at Catsurveys

Recently our team completed some electrical network training from EA Technology. The training is usually split into four parts; however, our team finished the entire course in a one-day session at our office in Brentwood on Thursday 21st March.

This training course covers a range of topics to do with electrical networks, including competition in generation and supply, the natural monopoly of utility networks and the ways in which regulators measure performance and price controls.

Continuous learning

The first part of the course is called ‘An introduction to electrical networks’ and looks at different electrical network structures, where they originated from and how they have evolved over time.


Andrew Harrison, our designated trainer from EA Technology, discussed the need for high voltage in the transportation of electrical power and explained how networks are designed to work.

Adrienn Szabo, Project Manager at Catsurveys was part of the training course and found it very useful, gaining some valuable knowledge; “Andrew from EA technology is a very knowledgeable instructor who presented the course confidently and at the correct level. All information seemed direct and to the point, easy to understand and was explained well.”

Andrew proceeded to teach our team about further topics, presenting the main plant and apparatus which make up the electrical network – covering transformers, switchgear, cables and overhead lines.

The final session

The final session is described as more of an open discussion, drawing upon what has been learnt over the course. Our team were prompted to think about what lies ahead, including SMART grids, electric cars, renewable energy and the potential opportunities and challenges that we could come across in the future!

“During the final session it was great to get more knowledge about the transition from Distribution Network Operators to Distribution System Operators.” continues Adrienn.

Who are EA Technology?

EA Technology are specialists in asset management solutions for owners and operators of electrical assets. They advise on strategy and implementation solutions using a range of products, providing an ongoing service to ensure the reliability of equipment, together with highly trained customers’ staff in specialist areas.

EA Technology describe the course as “relaxed and informal, which allows for plenty of time to ask questions and clear up anything that course delegates have ever wanted to know about electricity supply – and we have always received great feedback following deliveries!”

The company originated in 1966 as a ground-breaking research and development organisation serving the electricity industry. EA Technology are headquartered in the UK, however their operations and customers are global with seven regional offices around the world.

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