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Supporting the expansion of the UK's high-speed fibre network

One of Catsurveys’ current ongoing contracts for a key client in the Telecommunications sector includes our detailed feasibility and design proving service for connections to the high-speed fibre network.

The key requirement is to provide on-site feedback as to the viability of the desktop design and make logical design alterations where necessary to feed every property within a given survey area. This information feeds directly back to the design team so alterations can be made prior to any intrusive work on the project beginning.


Our Managed Solutions team are using Catsurveys innovative and bespoke Fulcrum system to ensure that the highly detailed network information can be provided to our on-site team in a clear and understandable way. This allows our site-based staff to use their extensive knowledge and expertise to review and deliver feedback to the client by highlighting any issues that may result in delays to the program or any areas where increased cost might be likely. Using this kind of expert design validation maximises build efficiency and significantly de risks the build phase of the project.


Survey requirements

  • Provide photographic information on network infrastructure providing real-time updates for currently held information.
  • Provide detailed information on how each property can be connected to the network and any recommended design alternatives.

Equipment used:

  • Tablet equipped with Fulcrum database
  • Chamber key
  • COVID-19 specific PPE
  • GDU and Barriers

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