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Catsurveys pass ISO 14001 audit with flying colours!

Catsurveys recently undertook its ISO 14001 audit which assesses our Environmental Management System. We are pleased to say that we passed the audit with no non-conformities which highlights a well-managed and effective system.

One of our key business objectives for this year is to introduce eco-drivers training for the members of our team that use company vehicles on a regular basis. The purpose of the eco-drivers training is to teach drivers fuel efficiency techniques, emphasising road safety, economy and the environment. Eco-driving can increase fuel efficiency by up to 15%.

In line with the stated strategic direction and intended results of the environmental management system, especially in relation to digital transformation and minimising environmental impact through scrutiny of travel, the management system has demonstrated that it is largely designed to support the strategic direction and deliver the intended results. This was evidenced by the performance in respect to zero environmental incidents and complaints. Robust controls were demonstrated for competency, awareness, communication, document control EMS planning and administration.Executive summary

What is ISO 14001?

The ISO 14001 standard specifies the requirements for an Environmental Management System (EMS) that is used to enhance our environmental performance. It allows us to recognise and understand our environmental aspects and impacts so that we can manage our environmental responsibilities in an organised way, therefore contributing to environmental sustainability.

As a service provider our own impacts on the environment are small but there are measures that we can put in place to ensure that environmental issues are still addressed. As part of our ISO 14001 accreditation, we have clear environmental objectives which include introducing Eco-Drivers Training to our site teams and delivering 100% of our job packs electronically.

Fantastic feedback

This year, no non-conformities in our ISO 14001 audit were found which highlights a well-managed and effective system. We received some great feedback from the auditors in our assessment report, and the BSI also highlighted great positives from our EMS.

As we work hard to continuously improve and develop ourselves at Catsurveys, the fact that an external source has identified this attitude is brilliant.

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