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ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 audits completed!

We recently had our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 audits, and as it was for recertification every clause in the standard was audited. As you can imagine, the annual audits at Catsurveys were carried out a little differently this year.

Catherine Brewster, SHEQ Advisor at Catsurveys, carried out the audits virtually via video call with two auditors at the BSI. Of course, this is a change of pace compared to the usual auditing process; however, Catherine took it in her stride and we successfully passed both audits with flying colours!

“It was definitely strange completing the audits via Microsoft Teams, but we had all the information we needed and were able to answer any questions and queries. It just shows that we are able to adapt to this different way of working, and we can still successfully complete audits safely and effectively despite the current pandemic and lockdown measures that we are all facing.” Catherine Brewster, SHEQ Advisor

In 2017 we completed our transition from the 2004 14001 and 2008 9001 to the 2015 ISO standards, and have continued to comply with the criteria, which is essential for maintaining our high-profile clients.


What is ISO 9001?

The ISO 9001 standard helps organizations demonstrate to customers that the products or services they offer are of a consistently high quality and ensures customer satisfaction and continual improvement.

Delivering a high-quality service is one of our main priorities as a company, and this accreditation enables us to show our customers that we are consistently committed to this. Obtaining the ISO 9001 accreditation demonstrates that we endeavour to uphold an up to date and controlled Integrated Management System.


What is ISO 14001?

The ISO 14001 standard specifies the requirements for an Environmental Management System (EMS) that is used to enhance our environmental performance. It allows us to recognise and understand our environmental aspects and impacts so that we can manage our environmental responsibilities in an organised way, therefore contributing to environmental sustainability.

As a service provider our own impacts on the environment are small but there are measures that we can put in place to ensure that environmental issues are still addressed. As part of our ISO 14001 accreditation, we have clear environmental objectives which include introducing Eco-Drivers Training to our site teams and delivering 100% of our job packs electronically.

Fantastic feedback

This year, no non-conformities in our ISO 14001 audit were found which highlights a well-managed and effective system. We received some great feedback from the auditors in our assessment report, and the BSI also highlighted great positives from our EMS.

As we work hard to continuously improve and develop ourselves at Catsurveys, the fact that an external source has identified this attitude is brilliant.

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