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Best Use of Technology: Smart Data Collection finalists!

Catsurveys are delighted to announce that our entry in the Best Use of Technology: Smart Data Collection category of the New Civil Engineer TechFest Awards has been shortlisted by their panel of esteemed judges.

We entered our innovative Digital Network Survey methodology into the Smart Data Collection category, and clearly the judges agreed that our brand new surveying methodology is truly revolutionary.


Why did we develop our Digital Network Survey?

In order to transform the whole surveying and data capture process, we looked at how we could gather site data in a completely different way, and in a way that provided a huge amount of added value data not normally available using the traditional on-site data collection methodology.

This new process needed to deliver a much richer range of data more efficiently to enable the data to be used at multiple points throughout the design process providing much greater design and cost assurance and significantly de-risking project delivery and project cost. This meant completely rethinking the traditional process where surveyors were physically collecting data from site.

Investing in game-changing technology

The process that we created started with the use of cutting edge lidar and photogrammetry technology, utilising the Leica Pegasus Two Ultimate mobile sensor platform and the Mosaic 51 AI-compatible, 12K-resolution 360 camera system. This allowed us to start to develop the process methodology for how the data would be collected and then processed with the ultimate aim being to bring the site to our surveyors rather than sending our surveyors to site.

Achieving outstanding results

Our Digital Network Survey approach has reduced physical site time by up to 75% significantly reducing site mobilisations and travel with associated carbon reduction and health and safety benefits. It has provided a much more valuable and useable data set for the civils delivery business and increased overall project assurance.

Stay tuned!

The awards ceremony will take place in London on Thursday 2nd December at the Leonardo Royal hotel, alongside the NCE Tech Festival.

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