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Catsurveys Surveyors awarded for ‘Safety Awareness’ and ‘Outstanding Performance’ at Heathrow Airport

Safety is our Number One priority at Catsurveys, so when this attitude is recognised by a key client it really reinforces our company culture and values.

Two of our Surveyors were awarded with Safety awards for their work at Heathrow by Phil Perry, MSC Construction Manager. The awards were handed over during a night brief at the MSC Office at Heathrow.

The team are currently carrying out surveying works on the forecourt of the Terminal 3 building at Heathrow Airport. It is a land side project involving night work, and usually include working within Traffic Management closures.


’Quality has always been one of my priorities’

Kinga was awarded a £25 voucher for her ‘Outstanding Performance’ on the Terminal 3 forecourt. Callum was also awarded a £25 voucher for his ‘Safety Awareness’ on the Terminal 3 forecourt.

”I got my award for being persistent in keeping good quality work throughout the nights.” Explains Kinga.

”I feel very proud as quality has always been one of my priorities, and doing a good job at the end of the day is pleasing but doing it safely is even a bigger reward.”

Kinga expressed that working during the night within Traffic Management is not easy. With the added difficulty of working in front of a Terminal building with surrounding live traffic and passengers walking by adds extra obstacles the team have to face.

”We are often asked for guidance by the public and I am proud to help them to get to their destination safely.” Explains Kinga. ”Besides the members of the public, it’s also important for us to look out for each other, and occasionally we were helped by our other teams. My main focus was to manage them in a way that we complete the survey whilst keeping it safe.”


Congratulations to the team!

Massive congratulations to Kinga and Callum for your hard work and persistence in living up to our company values; ’We never compromise on Safety’.

These Safety awards coincided with the launch of our new Health, Safety and Well-being initiative known as the ‘Catsurveys HSW Golf Challenge’. This new initiative will provide an interactive platform to promote great Health, Safety and Well-being observations about our team members as well as reporting concerns and near misses within the business.

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