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Top Three Latest Trends - How Catsurveys Stays Ahead of the Game!

The surveying landscape is undergoing a dynamic transformation driven by technological advancements and evolving industry demands. As we venture further into the digital age, staying tuned to the latest trends shaping our industry is essential.

In this article, we will take you on a journey through the cutting-edge developments we are working on that are revolutionising the world of surveying. You will hear about our leading Digital Network Survey™ (DNS) and how this can save you time, money and resources on every project. You’ll hear about how we are partnering with likeminded companies to provide leading data visualisation and lastly how our cutting-edge mobile mapping is capturing vast data sets quickly and cost-effectively.

There is a reason Catsurveys have been called trailblazers and pioneers in the industry. Our finger is always on the pulse, and we are forever looking forward to the new thing and how we can improve, build at pace and reduce costs for our clients.

1. Digital Network Survey

Catsurveys offers a highly customizable and scalable Digital Network Survey™ service that can quickly collect asset data across extensive geographical areas. This solution provides clients with completely flexible outputs that are customised to their specific project needs, empowering them to make better decisions, ensure cost certainty, and create more informed designs.

We can capture highly accurate digital data sets using the latest Mosaic 51.  This provides a range of ultra-high definition photographic and video data that provides vital detailed site information that can be used throughout the project lifecycle.  Coupling this data with the knowledge and experience of our expert surveyors allows Catsurveys to provide a truly flexible survey solution that is positively disrupting the delivery of key asset data.  

We have been using using our DNS  methodology successfully for the design and build of new full fibre broadband infrastructure which has seen impressive project optimisations including:

Deliver up to 16% more homes connected

Up to 25% decrease in the number of connections using PIA underground Up to 71% decrease in the length of new self dig

Up to 66% decrease in self dig cost

Up to 500% increase in the number of properties connected using PIA overhead

2. Data Visualisation 

Great data is only useful if can be accessed and used by the right project stakeholders at the right times to inform decision-making and better project outcomes.  As we move into increasingly digital environments within project ecosystems data visulatisation is becoming ever more important.  We have recognised this through our collaboration with Sensat (www.sensat.co),  Sensat are a driving force in the world of data visualisation through their groundbreaking Common Visualisation Environment.  This enables complex data to be managed and structured in a single data environment that makes data accessible and usable throughout a project's lifecycle.

One of our first priorities was getting really accurate underground utility data onto the Sensat platform to make this data contextual to the real world environment.  Visualising buried utilities within a digital environment revolutionises project management in the utility industry. Creating accurate 3D models allows teams to fully understand the underground infrastructure, which was previously challenging to visualise in the real world. 

By using 3D modelling within the real-world context, project teams can make more informed decisions, prevent accidents, and improve safety. With the power to unlock a deep understanding of below-ground utilities, project managers can confidently navigate construction projects, ensuring successful outcomes and a safer working environment. Embracing visualisation technology is not just a step in the right direction but a giant leap toward transforming how underground utilities are located, managed, and protected in the modern era. 

3. Mobile Mapping

Our Mobile Mapping solution uses the market-leading Leica Pegasus: Two Ultimate technology and creates a full 3D point cloud of above-ground features with calibrated high- resolution images. This data can be used throughout the project lifecycle from pre-planning and feasibility through design and build to project handover. 

Having such accurate data Catsurveys can offer various data analysis methodologies that can be used to deliver a wide range of outputs and models.  This ranges from highly accurate topographical models of above ground features all the way through to the identification and assessment of  runway imperfections.   This provides a cost-effective way to quickly and accurately develop detailed data sets that can be used across the project ecosystem and can significantly reduce the risk and costs associated with traditional field data capture methodolgies. 

In conclusion, Catsurveys always looks forward to driving positive change and enhancing productivity. By keeping a close eye on emerging trends, we can adapt to the changing landscape more effectively and the rapidly evolving world. Keep your eyes open for what Catsurveys has for the future and join us on our digital journey. 


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