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Training and Development at the London Construction Academy

On Friday 4th May Catsurveys were given the opportunity to present to a group of students currently undergoing training with the London Construction Academy.

Michelle Ball, Human Resources Manager, and Matt Sibley, Managed Solutions Manager, attended the session to give an insight into the works we complete at Catsurveys and the benefits of working in our team.

What is the London Construction Academy?

The London Construction Academy (LCA) is an organisation focussed solely on giving NEETS (members of the community ‘not in education, employment or training’) the skills they need to enter the construction sector. The LCA provides these individuals with the qualifications, skills and confidence to gain employment and become self-sufficient.

It is a not for profit organisation, providing this valuable training free of charge to groups of students, some of which have come from disadvantaged and challenging backgrounds. The students are given a comprehensive range of skills, including most importantly, Health and Safety training, enabling them to work safely and skilfully in the workplace.


Presenting Catsurveys as an Employer of Choice

The presentation began with an introduction to the company, the type of works we do and the importance of Health and Safety within our industry. Michelle presented the various benefits of working at Catsurveys and explained the reasons why we are so focussed on the learning and development of our staff.

“As soon as we heard about the LCA, we knew it was something we wanted to be involved with. We were fortunate enough to be selected as a Partner of the LCA, which gave us the opportunity to present Catsurveys to the group as an employer.” Explains Michelle. “We spoke in detail with the students, explaining the intricacies of our industry and the potential job opportunities that we could offer them in the future.”

This was a fantastic opportunity for us to present Catsurveys as an Employer of Choice. We are constantly working on rewarding our team for innovation and hard work, as well as focussing on building community in the work place. It was especially important that we were able to show to students that Catsurveys support the career development of all our staff.


Discovering more about Managed Solutions

Following Michelle’s presentation, it was Matt’s turn to shed some light on the services that we office. Matt explained who the Managed Solutions team are, the work that they carry out and the various technologies and equipment we use. This was a more technical discussion, and Matt explained the ins and outs of surveying to give the students an insight into our industry.

Matt presented information on various services including FTTC Surveys, FTTP Surveys, Feasibility Studies, Underground Utility Detection, Ground Penetrating Radar and Topographical Surveys. The students seemed intrigued by the varying techniques and technologies that are utilised within our company and following the presentation they asked plenty of questions about the work we do.

A successful day

The presentation for the LCA went well and we believe the students left the session with a wealth of information and a new interest in surveying.

Our commitment to learning and development is constantly growing and being asked by the LCA to present to these students is a great recognition of our efforts. We will have a continuous involvement with the LCA and will be carrying out presentations like this for new groups of students at least four times a year.

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