Fibre Network Design, Digital Network Survey

The purpose of this project was to verify the client's asset data, validate assumptions and optimise design for new fibre infrastructure.


Catsurveys has developed a unique new surveying process that utilises cutting edge mobile data capture technology to replace the traditional physical surveying methodology. This provides a detailed database of critical network information that underpins planning and decision making about new infrastructure at various stages throughout the design process.

Working with our client, this data is being used in a 2 stage approach:


Stage 1 – Cost per premise assurance using the data to make a much more detailed assessment of the potential cost of breaking ground to deliver new broadband infrastructure


Stage 2Digital network survey where the data is being used to validate the high level design assumptions for new broadband infrastructure to make the design process more robust making the process more efficient.


Key Benefits

  • Up to 70% reduction in site resource
  • Easily scalable across large geographies
  • Less mobilisations and travel reducing carbon footprint
  • Fully customisable process providing a tailored output specific to client requirements
  • Multiple data outputs that can add value throughout the project lifecycle
  • Greater cost assurance
  • More informed decision making at the right time
  • Flexibility of both approach and output