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Catsurveys pass ISO 14001 audit with flying colours!

Catsurveys recently undertook its ISO 14001 audit which assesses our Environmental Management System. We are pleased to say that we passed the audit with no non-conformities which highlights a well-managed and effective system.

One of our key business objectives for this year is to introduce eco-drivers training for the members of our team that use company vehicles on a regular basis. The purpose of the eco-drivers training is to teach drivers fuel efficiency techniques, emphasising road safety, economy and the environment. Eco-driving can increase fuel efficiency by up to 15%.


ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 audits completed!

We recently had our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 audits, and as it was for recertification every clause in the standard was audited. As you can imagine, the annual audits at Catsurveys were carried out a little differently this year.

Catherine Brewster, SHEQ Advisor at Catsurveys, carried out the audits virtually via video call with two auditors at the BSI. Of course, this is a change of pace compared to the usual auditing process; however, Catherine took it in her stride and we successfully passed both audits with flying colours!